Start Using Bots

February 14, 2018
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Watson is a LiveEngage out-of-the-box connector that integrates with the LiveEngage platform, logging in as an agent with the ability to answer conversations concurrently.

Watson can be used across all messaging channels, reaching consumers from SMS, web messaging, Facebook Messenger, and more.

Learn more about Watson Virtual Agent on LiveEngage

Custom bots

Within LiveEngage, a bot is a type of an agent and operates similarly to human agents.  Bots are available on live chat and any messaging channel: in-app messaging, web messaging, Facebook and SMS.

In order to set up a bot within LiveEngage, the following steps should be taken:

  1. Create an agent type user within LiveEngage and give it the name of your bot. Learn more.
  2. Utilize our API or SDK to automatically control the actions of the bot.  Learn more.
  3. Contact your LivePerson rep to set up routing that will determine how your bot should pick up conversations.
  4. Monitor and report bot performance in real-time with detailed and flexible reports.

Learn more about custom bots in LiveEngage