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JohnnyAtVail asked 49 years ago

I have been trying to get the Agent Status call to return data.  I keep getting a good response with no json data back. I don’t get any kind of info that tells me what I am doing wrong.
URL I am using:
What my Authorization header looks like:
OAuth oauth_signature=”8gmqtnGp902o79Z8Ipu6FJkOqpA%3D”,
Note: The Authorization is contained on a single line. New lines have been inserted for clarity.
My question is how would I be able to trouble-shot this?  I have been working on this for quite some time with no luck.  I have also had some other dev’s on my team take a crack to no avail.

1 Answers
Mark Manguno answered 10 months ago

Hi @JohnnyAtVail  You are using the wrong hostname for this API request. As indicated in the Agent Metrics API documentation you should be using the msgHist domain for your account, which is