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Chris Formica asked 48 years ago

I am wondering if Live Person allows we to call an external API when a chat interaction needs to be routed to a live person agent, and then handle the response (a single agent or a list of agents) and route/target this agent accordingly. Engagement and interaction is still contained within Live Person, but the third party is providing a suitable agent or list of agents.

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Oren Katz Staff answered 1 year ago

Hey @Chris Formica,
Can you share more information on what you would like to do? you would like to call an API every time an agent is accepting the chat?

Chris Formica answered 1 year ago

Hi @Oren Katz,
I’ll apologize upfront given I have no experience with the LivePerson technology or product.
I am looking to utilize an external system to rank the proficiency of my chat agents in handling a customer’s inquiry – their proficiency being based upon previous interaction data. For example, based upon this chat session for “sales inquiry”, these 5 agents are statistically more likely to produce a converted sale (based upon 6 months of historical data around their sales chat interactions with customers), and therefore should be targeted first.
To make use of this data and ranking, when LivePerson has a chat which needs to be sent to an agent, I’d need to have LivePerson call this external service to request the list of ranked agents so it can then look to send the chat session to one of these agents.
The API would need to be called every time a chat needs to route to an agent.
Hope this makes sense.

Oren Katz Staff answered 1 year ago

For that, you can use our Bots option.
The first chat will go the bot, then the bot will call this API and make the transfer to the right agent.
If you are using chat, you can check out this space to learn more about building a bots –