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sysadmin asked 49 years ago

Hi there!  I’m trying to connect to the Engagement History API and feel like I’m super close.  However, I am getting a 401 unauthorized with my OAuth request.
I used this guide to configure authorization, as well as the link in step 6:  I was able to calculate the same result in A.5.2 with the example values in appendix A.5.1.  However, when I use all of our values in, I get a 401 / Unauthorized.
One thing that seems odd is that the API seems to want double quotes in the Authorization header.  However, the basestring example doesn’t show double quotes or commas, so I’m not 100% sure what to do there, but I’ve tried a bunch of different combinations to no avail.
Are there any logs that you can check to see what I’m running up against?
Thank you!!

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Mark Manguno answered 1 year ago

Hi @sysadmin 
When assembling the base string from which to generate the signature you should omit the quotes, however the actual OAuth header that you ultimately send should have the values in quotes and be comma-delimited as in A.5.3.
If you are still having trouble after making any changes required by my comment please reply with a private message and provide your account number and consumer key (only the key!).
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