ForumCategory: QuestionsAPI slow on mondays?
reradus asked 49 years ago

are there updates on Mondays that interfere with the API responsiveness, any other day of the week things zip through fine, but on Mondays it’s hard to get chat transcripts without errors..  anyone else has this problem?
I’m working on a account that has a lot of concurrent chats going on and I need to be able to reliably get each one of them.

2 Answers
Oren Katz Staff answered 11 months ago

What are the errors you are getting on Mondays?

reradus answered 11 months ago

errors 0004 and 0005, only seems to happen on Mondays, almost like it times out somewhere

reradus replied 11 months ago

is the time on the oauth server correct? problem seems to be time stamps