ForumCategory: AndroidCorrectly setting Engagement ID to connect to Chatbot Agent, not human Agent (Android)
Sean Burke asked 49 years ago

Our client, Newday (acct no 61072788) are using InApp Messaging and are employing a Bot for routing – first, the customer should be greeted with the bot and then put through to the appropriate Agent. They say they have set the Engagement ID in their code but they are still being routed through to Human agent, at least on Android – please see below

Do I need to gather more info? Is it something they can change in the Android App or LivePerson Portal? What can I do to help them through this?
Kind regards,
Sean Burke

1 Answers
David Villacis answered 8 months ago

Hi @Sean Burke,
If they are using the MonitoringAPI they need to make sure they are getting the correct engagement? if not they need to make sure the default skill is the one related to the Routing bot.