ForumCategory: AndroidCustomization and Branding. How to dynamically customize each conversation screen if multiple conversations can be open in the app?
Roman asked 49 years ago

Hello Guys, I’m new to Android and LivePerson. I have an application that can open a multiple conversations. Each conversation need to be branded individually – different brand logos, colors etc. From the documentation I see that branding.xml need to be provided but this means that I can statically customize only one conversation, am I right? Please advice how to achieve branding for multiple conversations and if in my scenario it is possible at all? Thank you in advance!    

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David Villacis answered 6 months ago

Hi @Roman,
On the Android SDK there is no way to customize the conversation screen dynamically, also the SDK can only handle one conversation at the time, though concurrent conversations might happen is not something we support.

Roman replied 6 months ago

<p>Hi <a class="dwqa-mention-user" href="">@David Villacis</a> ! Thank you for the prompt reply! Yes, my application supports only one conversation at the time: if I want to open another (another brandId) – I first logout from the current conversation. Most important was to find out that in -> Android SDK <- currently it is possible to customize only one conversation screen even if brandIds are different(am I right?) and no dynamic customization is possible. Please, confirm that I understood you correctly.</p>

David Villacis replied 6 months ago

That is correct, there is no dynamic customization.