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RealPete Adeniran asked 49 years ago

Am getting bad request response when I try the data access api for the first time. Data Access API is enabled for the account, below is the url I was using (with the accountID masked out). The unix start/end date are (1/1/2019 to 3/19/2019)

<message>bad request</message>


RealPete Adeniran replied 6 months ago

fyi, I just posted this 5 initial question about minutes ago, but the site is showing that it was asked/posted 49 years ago. Also, I tried to upload a file but it wont let me saying the file type was not valid (it was a .jpg file and also tried a .png file)

RealPete Adeniran replied 6 months ago

Also, tried using postman to authtenticate/get token and all attempt resulted in a 404 error