ForumCategory: QuestionsGet Abandoned engagement count via Engagement API? asked 49 years ago

Is this possible? I’m currently getting Connected Engagements only, but nothing abandoned. Trying to figure out how to pull monthly numbers for reporting.

2 Answers
Oren Katz Staff answered 9 months ago

You can use the Operational Realtime API –

jleathlean answered 8 months ago

What about historical data?  The Operational API is limited to the previous 24 hours based on the documentation.
I also need to collect abandoned data for long term reporting.  I’ve been able to get the engagement data from the Historical API – but as Evan pointed out it does not appear to include Abandoned engagements…

Oren Katz Staff replied 8 months ago

At the moment we do not have an API that returns abandoned chats data for more than 24 hours.
I will forward your request to our Product team for future releases.