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Anand V asked 49 years ago

Hi, I am trying to retrieve visitor information through API call using this link https://{LivePerson domain}/api/account/{accountId}/monitoring/visitors/{visitorId}/visits/current/state
in the above GET url i can understand what is accountid, but rest of the parameters values i can’t figure it out say for example in order to get visitorid i am calling  https://domainToLiveperson/api/account/{accountId}/app/engagement/visitors/{visitor-id}?v=1.0&sid={session-id} 
i got this as response : {“time”:1547786642778,”message”:”Loading account: 12345678, vid: ZlZjBhMzhmOTE4OTIyMzkz”,”internalCode”:20} 
later i modified my Visit Information api like this :
for this my output : {“time”: 1547786760203,”message”: “internal server error”,”internalCode”: 18}
still iam getting failed out response i don’t know what i am missing and what should add additionally can anyone give me sample and working example to run visitor information Api call with proper request method and body type also

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Oren Katz Staff answered 7 months ago

To retrieve the visitor information you should use the following API –