ForumCategory: BotsHow to get the firstconversation flag in the Messaging Agent SDK
akim asked 49 years ago—deprecated

Hi, Please check the specification above. It seems the field “firstconversation” are deprecated. My question is how can we get the “firstconversation” in the future? 

Mark Manguno replied 6 months ago

Hi @akim ,

I’ve forwarded this question to the relevant product owner for the UMS and will let you know when I receive a response.

akim replied 6 months ago

Thanks, I will wait for your response.

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Mark Manguno answered 6 months ago

Hi @akim 
In fact, the documentation is misleading. The firstConversation flag is not deprecated: it will be deprecated in a future API version and a replacement will be provided at that time, but for now, and for this version of the SDK, you may continue to use firstConversation.

akim replied 6 months ago

Thanks, I got it.