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Paul asked 48 years ago

I work for the EarthLink division of Windstream.  We have both an Android and iOS app with livePerson chat embedded.  Our production versions are working and have been for almost a year.  Our account number is being updated.  Our Android app has been updated with the new number both chats and notifications are working there.  I am working on updating the iOS app, and chats are working but notifications are not coming thru.  I uploaded our APNS cert and key file to the Application key management page for iOS and it still didn’t work.  I looked back at my notes and saw that we previously needed a separate entry for dev and production.  So I added a -DEV iOS item as well, but still no luck with notifications.  And finally, I tried updating to the latest LivePerson SDK and still no luck with notifications.  We also verified that notifications still work for the old account number.  I suspect I am missing some step in the setup for the new account somewhere. 

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Mark Manguno answered 1 year ago

Hi Paul, try appending -Dev (instead of -DEV) to your app name in the application management interface.

Paul replied 1 year ago

ok giving that a try, thanks

Paul replied 1 year ago

Thanks, that was the issue. Notifications working now 🙂