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pupeter asked 49 years ago

I´m using the liveperson iOS-SDK@3.6.0 with cordova-ios@4.5.5 and everything works fine.
Since 09.02.2019 cordova announced cordova-ios@5.0.0. This upgrade supports the new xCode Build System. 
Detailed information about this upgrade can you find here.
Since i updated my application to cordova-ios@5.0.0 the Liveperson push notification no longer work. The registration to the liveperson push Serve has been successfully but I don´t receive any Notification.
I´m also using a simple ruby script to test push notification via apns. With the ruby Script and ios@5.0.0 everything works as before. In the appendix you will find the ruby script.
Can you provide more information about the flow inside the SDK to send push notifications and perhaps a solution for the issue..

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Oren Katz Staff answered 7 months ago

Hey @pupeter 
We only support native iOS and native Android application, I suggest to check our native sample app and see if you are experiencing the same issue. 
You can also check this page for more information on our push notification –