ForumCategory: QuestionsOptimal way of storing and querying Data access API responses based on AVRO format?
agourise asked 49 years ago

Hello, the responses for the Data access API are JSON based on AVRO format. Using the schema method we can also get the schema. However, I’m trying to understand if there is an optimal way to make this data usable/queryable quickly without much processing? Something like dump the responses to an S3 bucket and query using the schema provided?
The alternative is to parse the JSON data attribute by attribute but this gets very complicated to code and maintain for something like WebSessions, also the schema could change in the future.
I’m not sure if I’m missing something, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

1 Answers
Mark Manguno answered 8 months ago

Unfortunately we do not have any such recommendation to provide. If you are able to solve this question, though, please post your solution here for other users of the API. Thanks.