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Matt asked 49 years ago

Hi, I’d like for the chat button to have a placeholder until the LP_DIV is rendered. 
Is there an easy way to accomplish this?

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Oren Katz Staff answered 8 months ago

Hey Matt,
You can use an HTML code to create a placeholder, nothing specifically to LivePerson.

Matt replied 6 months ago

<p>Sorry, I don't know what you mean. If I include content inside the LP_DIV, the button is appended to the contents. It does not replace it and I end up with something like:</p><p> </p><pre><div id="LP_DIV_XXXX">Live chat loading…<div id="LPMcontainer-XXX">[etc]</div></div></pre><p> </p><p>I'd be happy if I could leave off the LP_DIV entirely and just have a static button there that opens the chat window, but the documentation is a bit overwhelming</p><p> </p>