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Chris Wickens asked 49 years ago

Hi, the Unauthenticated In-App Messaging document states that it can be used to make campaigns for messaging by setting up a default engagement. However, when attempting to create a mobile app engagement I’m told I have to set up an authentication server. The authentication server page in LiveEngage has a link to “Learn how to set up authentication servers”, but it leads to the Connection Area which states “We seem to have lost track of this content”.
If it is possible to set up a mobile app engagement without authentication, could you please clarify how to do so? If not, can you provide a working link to the authentication server setup documentation?

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David Villacis answered 9 months ago

Hi @Chris Wickens,
You can use the Monitoring API to start a conversation using Signup or Unauthenticated flow, I’ll let you access the engagement attributes and sdes but you’ll need to save the VisitorId and SessionId as those are needed if you want to send new SDEs later.